What is a “Madius”?

Initially, way back in the mists of time, Madius Comics were a small group of artists and writers based around Leeds, who wanted to produce comics that they, themselves, wished to read. Bit narcissistic…However,  we wanted to tell the stories that we wanted to tell, the tales that needed to be told with a single, shared focus: content.

No matter what Madius are doing we have a commitment to developing characters, creating landscapes and worlds where we can create comics that explore fun, interesting and challenging topics in the visual medium. Madius Comics is about Invention, Expression, and taking risks. About not talking down to comics fans, about pushing sequential art and trying new things.


From these humble beginnings, Madius has grown into a publisher which produces comics with confidence and pride. Our flagship Anthology comic, Papercuts and Inkstains has been running for two years now, and has seen some of the indie comics world’s best and brightest involved in its creation. Our sister publication, Tragic Tales of Horrere has garnered us multiple award nominations and showcases a slew of incredible artists and has stamped the UK horror scene back on the comics map.

Nick Gonzo’s 50 Signal and Funk Soul Samurai have been critically applauded, for their joyous tone and their outright mentalism. 50 Signal  was voted one of Forbidden Planet’s top ten comics of 2015 and FSS has been proclaimed a “masterpiece”.

In tales such as Griff Gristle, The King’s Leap, Ramlock Investigates, Bun, Average Joe and more, Madius Comics plan on lighting a fire under the UK indie comics scene, and we want you to hold the lighter.


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