Chester Comic Con, and Beyond.


I have no idea how to put pictures into this, and apparently I have to submit my blog posts for review, so this ones going to be a wordy and gushing thank you post. – because you’re prone to outburst and sporadic public nudity – Rob. 

Mike and I had the great pleasure of being invited to Chester Comic Con as guests to be feared and revered hanging out with the likes of John Wagner at the race course all day.Big thanks to Stu, Al, Gaz and all of the organisers for doing a great job.

The day was an absolute success for a variety of reasons, primariy because the convention was absolutely packed with engaged, enthusastic people who were genuinely interested in what we were doing and wanted to know more. Conventions are only as good as the ticket buying public and Chester helped make it great. We sold out of the majority of our stock and managed to have some weird conversations in the mean time.

It was the con debut for Griff Gristle, and people couldn’t wait to get their hands on the crusty old sea dog, and Pictures of Spiderman was released into the free world. I was knocked back by the enthusiasm people had for my confusing and stupid joke book, and special props to the guy who bought three copies to share with friends.

Mike merrily watched the stall whilst I partook of the Self Publish DIY comic publishing panel, where I roared merrily with merriment and shouted about how everyone should make their own stuff because its the ony true way to be happy.  Thanks to the crew from the comic series 2Kill for putting up with us the whole day, and letting me crash the panel only advertised as being staffed by them.

Both Mike and myself got to have a chat with Torathena on camera and I did my best to ruin Mike’s, and considering it’s not available just yet on Youtube I imagine I did a pretty decent job. Check out my interview here with possibly the most terrifying preview image you will ever see.

In reality Torathena posts videos daily so Chronologically she just hasn’t got round to me Molesting Mike yet.

It was nice spending a day in Chester before the con itself, seeing the sights of Mike’s living room, playing Star Wars; Battle Front and helping the other team win by acting as a terrible bad luck charm for my team mates. But the less we say about that, midnight deliveroo and the slowly delflating air matress I spent the night on, the better. But the freakiest thing I discovered is that where ever I went Mike was a regular, even down to the noodle place asking him if he wanted his usual.

So I think its safe to say that Chester will become part of our rounds next year, if not just to see which other areas of Chesters socio-economic workings Mike has squirreled his way into.


~Nick Gonzo


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