Review Round-Up

The following is a round up of some recent Madius Reviews!

First up, perhaps our most glowing review ever…


The magnificent bunch over at Starburst Magazine got a hold of Griff Gristle and they seemed more than a little impressed…

With several quality issues of Papercuts & Inkstains behind them, comic fans had faith in the Madius team and ensured this Kickstarter project was more than successfully funded. Their reward for that faith is a high-quality comic that epitomises the commitment and talent of the independent comic scene in the UK. It’s a glory to behold, a story that rises above any potential cliches, and remains entertaining throughout. With an epilogue that promises more to come, it’s good to know that timbers will keep shivering as the voyages of Griff Gristle continue. – Starburst Magazine

You can read their 10/10 scoring review here!


We’re pleased to say that Ramlock Investigates will be BACK IN STOCK  for our upcoming convention schedule of Nottingham and Thought Bubble! With that in mind, the dudes and dudettes over at That’s Not Current, recently checked out the world’s greatest (and only) Goat Detective!

Particularly in the cliff-hanger ending, that leaves our heroes in a compromising position, Ramlock Investigates has a very 1960’s Batman vibe, and, if there’s any other way of taking that, I mean it as a compliment. The buddy comedy is flipped in terms of personality (Ramlock may have the title role but it’s Pigling who’d be Batman) but exaggerated fight sequences (minus the “Kapow!”) and cornball literary wordplay, crammed with puns and alliteration, all work together to form a timeless spectacle. Brooding angst isn’t the only way of approaching crime. – That’s Not Current

Check out the full review here!


We’ve also started to get some early release reviews of Papercuts and Inkstains #06 and so far they have been immensely positive!

The entire issue six is brilliant and as strong as you’d imagine a Madius Comics release – Garbagefile

Read the full review here!

Madius say that this issue of Papercuts & Inkstains has been created to be accessible to those who might not have read the previous 5 issues, and I think they have achieved that magnificently. 4 brilliant stories, some stunning art from both P&I regulars and newbies and a several barrels of laughs – Fandemonium

Read the full review here!



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