Review Round Up!

We’ve had another slew of reviews over the past week! Again, we thought we’d put them all in one, handy place!


“a classic example of Madius Comics’ unique selling point, providing the perfect blend of silly and serious” – Big Comic Page

Ceej over at The Big Comic Page has checked out our latest instalment of Papercuts and Inkstains! Check out the whole review here!


“it’s quite a nice little horror story about the love between a husband and wife and what happens when one has become a victim of demonic possession… If you aren’t familiar with any of these dudes, this could be a good point to start getting familiar with them…” – Comic Bastards

Chris Tresson over at Comic Bastards has checked out our One Shot Victorian horror story, Laudanum. Follow the link for the full review! (Chris was also very complimentary towards our hustle!)


5/5 “it’s the recipe of raised deeds and language that makes The King’s Leap a work of spoils, complete with closing twist and clash of arms, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Gandalf battled the Balrog.” – That’s Not Current

Rachel Bellwoar at That’s Not Current has poured over the first of our Viking Saga trilogy, The King’s Leap and appeared to be taken aback by the Norse setting, giving it a PERFECT SCORE! Follow the link for the full review!


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