Thought Bubble Round-Up!


And that’s the end of Madius year two…

Thought Bubble Sequential Arts festival came and went in a blur. From the start, we were expecting something special. This is without a doubt our favourite convention, as it is simply a time to celebrate the pure wonderment that is comic books, graphic novels, strips, zines and the funny pages. We had a larger setup this time around, taking up a table and half in the New Dock Naughty Corner, with our good friend Gareth Sleightholme positioned strategically to the side of us. Madius pure bloods will notice we also never seem to have the same setup twice, as we want to keep you on your toes!

A collection of misfits with our gaggle of nimrods…

Also representing us in the Comixology Marquee was soon to be art superstar, Alisdair Wood, who was selling Horrere, his prints and hopefully talking up his involvement in the incredible M.R.James anthology comic, written by Leah Moore and John Reppion no less, and published by the awesome Self Made Hero. We were joined at the table by Vampire Wonderland artist and all round incredibly awesome Scot, Paul Moore, and on the Sunday, we were joined by soon to be Madius Alumni, Danny Gunn, as he watercolored his way through a promo piece for our Papercuts Presents story, Weak Sauce.

We were super fortunate to see so many members of the Madius Masses, and pretty much all our new books seemed to be a hit with you all! Laudanum, in particular went down well, as did Papercuts 6 and Griff Gristle. And despite him fighting his way back across the bay of Tokyo, Nick Gonzo was able to sell out of his zine, Pictures of Spiderman.

We were super happy to welcome Brad Holman back to the table with us, after a spell focusing on his home life. Brad created all the Pogs we were giving away to all of you, our HUGE cut out of the Cultists from Profits of Doom and the whole layout of the table, he is quite literally, a one man print and design factory!

Con highlights for us were having breakfast with Nowhere Men, 2000ad and Batman artist, Dave Taylor, and chatting about all this comics, seeing Alex Paknadel, Tom Ward, Chris Welsh, Umar Ditta, Fraser Campbell, Gareth Hopkins, Nick Brokenshire, Dan Watters, Casper Wjingard, Colin Bell, Emily Owen, Katie Flemming, Neil Buhna-Roche, Neil Clements, Matt Rooke, Rich Hardiman (Printer SUPREME) and Andy Bloor! Plus, you know…MIKE FLIPPING MIGNOLA!

Plus, Mike and Rob were asked if they’d join in with the #toomanyzdarskies fun…check out what we mean HERE and we’ve also got some stuff featured in the OBLIGATORY BLEEDING COOL SWAG ON HOTEL BED SHOT



All in all, Tbubs was its usual whirlwind of incredible. Two days is not enough for a con of such epic magnitude, and we cannot wait to come back in 2017!

Thank you to all who wore the coveted red shirts, to Tula Lotay and crew for organising such an incredible event, to the guys and gals serving coffee, to every single person who set foot through the doors and to each and every creator there. It was a blast, you’re all beautiful, see you next year, good night!

Love Nick, Brad, Mike and Rob



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