Kickstarter Delay

Due to personal circumstances, we have had to postpone our planned Papercuts and Inkstains Collected Edition Kickstarter until the new year. 

We’d like to take this time to apologise to all of you who had been counting down with us, however, we hope you understand. 

What now? Well, the book will move forward, and preparations are and have been continuing on getting it coloured and re-lettered, with several stories close to being finished already. Ultimately this will have no bearing on when the book should actually land in your hands. You will get your perfectly moisturised hands on the PAPERBACKS & INKSTAINS collection just as quickly as if we did launch the campaign right now. We’re continuing to work on the book with exactly the same intensity as if the campaign was active and we’re still optimistic we’ll have the book ready by March next year. Nothing has changed on that front. So what all this means is that the window between the eventual campaign closing and the book being dispatched to you has narrowed. 

We are hopeful that we will be launching the book in February of 2017. We’ll post you updates on the books progress over the Christmas period and shall see you in the new year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. 

Madius Comics


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