ONE WEEK TO GO + Exclusive full story for you all!

The final week!


Well, here we are, the final week of the Kickstarter. Normally I would fly into a ‘can you believe it, time flies’ type rant here but, I absolutely CAN believe it. At this point It feels like we’ve been running the campaign our whole lives! I can’t believe it’s only been 20 or so days!

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that we aren’t having fun doing this, it’s just incredibly tough to keep finding new ways to say the same old things. We worry that we are hammering you, our majestic supporters, with too much promo and the last thing we want to do is frustrate the people who support us the most. So, if that’s you, we can’t thank you enough for sticking around and putting up with all the noise.



BUT NOW, onto the rest of you!

Let me turn my attentions to any of you who HAVEN’T got behind the project yet and hopefully convince you of the folly of your ways. THERE’S SO MANY REASONS TO BACK! But, here’s two big ones:

First up, we really need you.

Let me be clear, we do actually NEED you. At the moment the project is sat with around £1300 still to find. Now, if we don’t get that money, the project doesn’t happen at all. That’s it. Nobody sees a penny. The finished book (if we get funded) is going to be such a monster that there’s no way we can afford to print it any way other than kickstarting. We’ve slogged away on this content over the last two years and we’re so proud of everything contained in it. We’ve poured our hearts into these stories and they have been lovingly brought to life by a team of the best artists and colourists in the independent scene. Their work deserves to be seen and deserves to look as good as it possibly can. And to do that… WE NEED YOU!

Secondly, we have original art!

SAY WHAT!? You heard me, we have ORIGINAL ART. One of a kind, unique, handcrafted magic that you can TAKE HOME WITH YOU!

Now, because you’ve dawdled for a few weeks (for shame), you’ve missed out on the chance of grabbing a few pieces which have already been snagged for loving homes, namely the art for the cover, commissions from Bob Turner, painted art from Mike Smith and a sketch cover from the great Dean Hopkins. Sadly, they are all gone. BUT, the good news is, WE HAVE TONS OF BRILLIANCE STILL AVAILABLE!

Still up for grabs we have on offer:

Painted art from Forebearer artist Darren Smith

A4 commissions from Profits of Doom artist Mike Smith

Signed original pages from Profits of Doom (from artist Mike Smith)

AND an incredible original piece from the always amazing Alisdair Wood

All of the above are extremely limited (in some cases to one of one) so make sure to act quickly to avoid disappointment. Everyone wins. You get great art, we get to make a great book. It’s a no brainer!

Now, if you’re already one of our incredible backers, you can absolutely increase your pledge if you want to take home one of these great pieces, so if you’ve already purchased the book and think you’ve missed out. YOU HAVEN’T! It’s not too late. Or, if you know someone who you think would be interested in this book, project or anything we are doing, send ‘em our way, WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Let’s sweeten the deal, shall we? How about, here’s a complete look at the incredible “Where’d Wendigo” from the book…in all it’s colour glory…for you to oggle. That sweeten things enough for ya? Huh?

So yeah, grab your friends, harass your neighbours, scream at strangers, LET’S GET THIS BOOK FUNDED!





Much love

Mike, Rob, Nick & Brad.


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