We’ve put together a short bio section for all the artists involved in Papercuts and Inkstains.  Please check them out and support them, they’ve been super supportive of us and our work!


KEVIN POSPISIL –  is a Montana born, South Floridian artist currently working out of Southern California. As an avid comic-book fan of 20+ years, Kevin attempts to draw with a Wacom cintiq for a living. Among his biggest influences are Greg Capullo, Ashley Wood, Frazer Irving and Jae Lee.



STEPHEN WEAFER –  hails from Dublin, Ireland and this is his first foray in the world of sequential work. He adores his wife, daughter, cat & dog, as well as Batman, Batman & oh yeah, BATMAN. When not drawing, he sulks & dreams about drawing until he gets the time to draw again.


DAN BUTCHERDB.jpg –  started, as do a lot of comic artists, by drawing and creating characters and comic strips at an early age. Studying art through school and after he ended up earning a degree in Illustration and Design. After a short career as an animator (where he realised drawing the same image over 200 times wasn’t for him), he defected
to the ‘Dark Side’ and began working as a graphic designer, which he now does as his ‘proper’ job. Dan has worked on various web comics including Retake, Heroes Alliance/Unite, Acrobat, Stalker and Curse of the Black Terror, among others.He currently writes and illustrates his own superhero web comic, VANGUARD.


RORY DONALD –  is a north Cornish based freelance comic book artist & illustrator. Drawing under the umbrella of Reach Illustration, Rory has enjoyed various successes with his artistic abilities; large billboards for Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary at Glastonbury to book illustrations for titles such as ‘Pigs Might Surf’ & ‘the X Tractor’ however Rory’s true love is with comics. He is the first to admit at giggling like a kid at christmas when his style was recently likened to none other than that of Mike Mignola (& who wouldn’t?) who among others such as Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Frank Miller & J.Romita jr ( to name but a few) are big influences. Rory has recently received his certificate of distinction from the London Art College for passing the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustration course & is currently working on numerous projects that include another exciting collaboration with Robin Jones & Michael Sambrook of which he wont discuss under fear of assassination as well as various other creator owned pieces.


JIM LAVERY –  is a comic book artist with delusions of grandeur, still living in the saturday morning cartoon that is his mind. Jim has worked on such comics as Zarjaz, Futurequake and his own comics grail and detective werewolf, to name but some of them. you can Contact him using such traditional methods as smoke signals and the british postal system, but for a more guaranteed reply, contact him via the medium of twitter @jimlavery1. YOU HAVE THE POWER!




BB.jpgBRIAN BURKE – When he’s not scavenging the land for rare metals,harvesting organ parts from pianos or looking at negative spaces, Brian Burke also makes comics. He draws inspiration from all kinds of people such as Bob Byrne,Quentin Blake and Ralph Steadman. He also is the co-creator of Incandescent Memories,a comic of short stories with John Devlin. His superpower is Simpsons trivia. His weakness is everything else. Glory to Pazuzu. You can find him on twitter @Burky126 and on Facebook at Schtuff.


ANGELA SPRECHER – is an artist or something, apparently. Her interests include drawing and not much else, so that works out doesn’t it? Right now she’s a freelance comic artist / illustrator / hitman / [REDACTED] / elder god / retail slave. Get her to draw stuff for you, among other things.Angela draws a weekly web comic called HotStuff! You can find it at and She can be found as Sprech4 on most social media. It makes her easy to track, just in case.



PAUL MOORE –  Grew up reading comics always drawing always wanting to draw comics, got diverted by university and working in IT, but still dreamed, drew speculative projects with DCs Steve Orlando and 2000ad’s Cy Dethan and is currently the art on Amigo Comics Planet of Daemons.






ROSIE PACKWOOD –  aka ‘pocketm0use’. A Suffolk based illustrator with a penchant for sci-fi.  Is most content when watching movies,  listening to podcasts or making comics. When she grows up, she wants to be the professional keeper of many cute Beeeeeeeeeeees.






DARREN SMITH – is a huge comic book and general art fan , fitness freak and rock guitar thrasher !! – He was influenced in his early years by reading 2000AD , HR Giger and listening to Slayer. From these influences he experimented merging airbrushed art and traditional pen and ink for comic strips and posters. After finishing Art college he embarked on many years of airbrush custom artwork on cars , bikes , boats etc and won many 1st place awards. Recently Darren was introduced to the cool Madius world and has just achieved a childhood dream of having his work published in a comic 🙂

PG of Doom v1.1.jpg

ALAN HENDERSON –  is a comic creator from Edinburgh. In early 2013 he started his regular web comic – The Penned Guin, featuring the fun antics of a group of funny little penguins. His website is, find him on here: Facebook/pennedguins and on twitter: @Shadow1972



BOB TURNER – avoids using words whenever possible.Spends most of his time swimming in the collective unconscious to bring you stories like his mini series DTHRTL. Puts the fun into stories about death.


MIKE SMITH – was hatched from an egg. then enrolled into ninja school shortly after. However two years later he was found performing on the streets doing a highly choreographed dance routine to Michael Jackson’s earth song. During one of these routines mike was introduced to 2000ad by a passer-by, thus making him want to become a comic artist but due to a crow pecking  incident this had to put this on hold. Hollywood soon got wind of his life story and made it into a two-part tv movie starring Simon Pegg. Unfortunately this movie got a panning from the critics which resulted in his life spiraling out of control. mike was forced to get a 9-5 job.Slowly dying as each year, day, hour, minute and second passed him by, mike discovered a social media site called Twitter, on there he’s discovered many other creators who are trying to escape their mundane lives.