As promised, here’s ‘Slaycation’, artwork by Rosie Packwood, written by Mike Sambrook and letters by Rob Jones! If you enjoy it, don’t forget to back the kickstarter! We’re almost £600 off our target and have 3 days left! CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME! Advertisements


We’ve made it this far. *Checks pulse* And we’re not quite dead yet. Although, being completely honest, we’re keeping a very close eye on Gonzo. Who can believe it? Time flies when you’re nervously refreshing a Kickstarter page every 30 seconds! We’re currently sat at around 33% funded, which is more than we could have … More WEEK ONE DOWN!

We are LIVE!

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! OYEZ! OYEZ! LADIES AND TRAMPS, JIVE SUCKAS AND SUCKETTES, GATHER ROUND! THE TIME IS NIGH! THE WAIT IS OVER! PAPERBACKS AND INKSTAINS IS LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! *wild screaming* Yes, you heard us right, it’s here! We are officially out of the stables and wildly careering towards your prized possessions with the … More We are LIVE!