Madius Masses



ROB JONES – Rob is a Yorkshire based Writer and Letterer of comics. He co-writes Papercuts and Inkstains, Tragic Tales of Horrere, Ramlock Investigates and Griff Gristle. Rob also writes The Viking Saga’s with Gareth Sleightholme, with The King’s Leap being the first of the stories. More will be following. Rob is can often be seen wearing various shades of dressing gown, and is the proud owner of both and all of his kneecaps. @RobJonesWrites

BRAD HOLMAN – Brad is the creative mind in this soup of madness. Brad is the design and print guru within Madius and is also the artist on Average Joe. With 20+ years experience in the print and design industry and 200+ years of bathing in virgin cat blood, Brad has youthful good looks, a keen eye for design and likes to camp with sniper rifles on Call of Duty… @BUGJAMed

NICK GONZO – The gentlemen caller of the group, Nick is the comic equivalent of Sean Connery. Minus the Scottish accent or right wing views. Or millions of pounds. Consigned by the Soviets to a satellite orbiting the earth in the 1970’s, Nick is the product of a bygone age of nuclear aggression and space races. Creating 50 Signal and Funk Soul Samurai  whilst consigned to the space ship, Naughty Step, he would like to come home now as he misses pop tarts…@Nick_Gonzo

MIKE SAMBROOK – A headful of ideas and a keyboard. Michael wanted to make comics since before he knew what comics were. Now he knows what they are, he’s giving making them a damn good go. When he isn’t writing he’s usually found editing with a giant red pen that’s actually larger than him (not difficult), much to the frustration of everyone that has to work with him. He likes short walks within his own flat and hisses if exposed to too much natural sunlight. Once juggled on a cruise ship to an audience of over 1000 people. Mike is the resident editor of Madius and co-writer of Papercuts and Inkstains, Tragic Tales of Horrere, Ramlock Investigates and Griff Gristle. Mike is also developing his own solo comic with Rosie Packwwood, titled Bun. @Rapiaghi